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30 July 2009

Crispy Creamy Krispy Kreme

Finally, I've gotten myself a taste of Krispy Kreme donuts at Mid Valley Megamall!

krispy kreme midvalley

Good I must say. They're different from the usual J.Co and Big Apple donuts. Certainly worth trying!

The original glazed donuts cost RM2.50 each, while the fancy-topping donuts cost RM2.80 each. The only way to get a discounted price is to buy a dozen of those donuts, that is 12 donuts.

krispy kreme original glazed
Original Glazed - the signature treat!

After tasting the donuts, the name "Krispy Kreme" certainly suits them - because the donuts are crispy and creamy.

The texture of the donuts has a mild pleasure of crispiness.

krispy kreme hershey cookies kreme
Hershey's Cookies & Kreme.

Unlike other donuts from other doughnut manufacturers, they're not soft soft.

Also, they're creamy. Take a look...


krispy kreme iced custard filled
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled.

And more cream...

krispy kreme cheesecake
Some cheesecake, not mentioned in the website.

And too creamy that it ejaculates from the donut!

krispy kreme iced kreme filled
Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled.

Bleaaakkkkkkk! *starts licking*

Overall, they serve a totally different variety of donuts - unlike J.Co and Big Apple because their donuts are almost the same, with minor changes to the names only.

krispy kreme midvalley counter

Currently, you can only get Krispy Kreme in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, they're certainly expanding soon. Just be patient!

But you can always get your bite and enjoy the crispy creamy donuts now!

krispy kreme almond all over
Almond All Over.

Yum yum. Tempting right? =)


  1. looks yummy... but expensive =[

  2. Never bring me also zzzz

  3. Really does look good.. donuts ejaculating creme? Lol! Seriously.. u can pervert almost anything! :P Nowadays, gt so many such donuts company both in Sg and M'sia.. i also abit lost liao...

  4. pics are nice and clear..
    tempting indeed...hehe
    how much is 1 dozen?

  5. War....Krispy Kreme! I have never been there before. They tasted different from Apple? Hmm...then I should try it too. My...I'm salivating right now...

  6. tried it..and not worth trying for my personal's too sweet to consume man

  7. i tried it...i still like J Co though..i feel krispy kreme lack some variety but the hershey's are delicious!

  8. wow! looks like I would definitely prefer Krispy Kreme to those Big Apple, J & Co. Somehow those two never came to me as "Oh I have to wait in that long queue line to get my hands on those donuts!"

    Thanks Kenwooi! Brings me to a new Doughnut experience! I will definitely go there!

  9. i like Krispy Kreme ever since i 1st taste it at california

  10. Yum, haven't try yet!
    How are you Ken?

  11. Dang, been hearing so many people raving about this donut. Must get me some! Lol was watching Biggest Loser yesterday and apparently a donut contains 300 calories. So to burn off 2 donuts, you practically need to run a half marathon. 0_0

  12. I heard it tastes great overseas..but locally i tried it months back, and even til now i find they're waaaay to sweet man >.<

  13. give u a trick, put in the oven for about 10 secounds to melt the sugar into the donut.. It might be tastier.. ^^ but it is too sweet for me.. ^^

  14. I will definitely visit this outlet in my next visit to KL

  15. Ooh..the almond one looks good. But a tad expensive don't you think?

    Do they taste the same as JCo and Big Apple?

  16. yeah, i had krispy kreme when i went to melbourne. A++ for the great variety of flavours compared to J.Co and Big Apple, but doughnut-texture wise, i still prefer Big Apple. :)

  17. I think they are all too sweet man

  18. sure looks sinful! =)

  19. The Chocolate Iced Custard filling make me feel I must have a try!

  20. Nice food review and got me tempted to try... but a bit expensive though

  21. Damn.youre makin me hungry...looks tasty but i dont really like the too much cream part.

  22. I love the original sugar glazed Krispy Kreme.. But too sweet la..

  23. wont too sweet meh?@@'

  24. im still with Big Apple.. Krispy Kreme is too sweet for me -.-

  25. krispy kreme rocks man....been eating it almost everyday when i'm in melbourne but it cost me a bomb...lolo

  26. Krispy Kreme is......overrated

    Ill still go for Big apple or JCo.
    Gambatte malaysian brands =) I know big apple is, not sure bout JCo, should be kua...

  27. Yeap, I really like it :D
    My friend belanja-ed me when I was in Brisbane. Heh!

  28. @waikeong
    Agree too expensive!!! Can't always eat...

  29. omg.. i'm waiting for them to come to sabah! i'm tired of big apple donuts.


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