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04 July 2009

Malacca: The Historical State

I was at Malacca over the weekend with uni friends. Great place, albeit the hot weather, and the food there is certainly tummy-6packs-in-1-builder!

Our first stop - the well-known Chicken Rice Ball!

Well it tasted like normal chicken rice but the rice is rolled up into a ball - making it unique! Here's my plate...

malacca chicken rice ball

2 chicken rice balls with a chicken wing. Looking interesting huh?

Next up - we headed to the Red City of Malacca!

malacca red city

It took us quite some time to search for parking spots. The city was certainly overcrowded with cars - and they park for a long duration!

malacca parking coupons

See, so many parking coupons - park so long for what? This guy must be searching for Parameswara, the founder of Malacca back in the early 1400s.

We headed to the famous A 'Famosa Fort by the Portuguese and on the way, we took some pictures.

The group I went with - 11 of us.

And I tried some jumping shots - FAILED miserably.

Somehow I look like Wolverine - about to pound on someone. Cool huh?

Oh yeah, I had to censor my revealed abdomen. I don't want any unnecessary attention caused by my attractive and obvious 6packs-in-1 abs. ;)

We then proceeded to the almighty fort - my first time there!

malacca a famosa fort

Certainly amazing - although it's very old already.

We then walked up to the higher fort and there, we were able to have a wonderful view of Malacca city.

Look at the guy in orange shirt. Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty naughty.

After that, we walked to Jonker Street, or Walk.

malacca jonker street

And feasted on the delicious local cuisine, especially Durian Cendol! Now I'm carving for more cendol!

malacca durian cendol

After dinner we took a stroll along the street - somehow it looked like pasar malam (night market) to me. But of course, the food there is exceptional.

Later that night we visited the Eye on Malaysia in Malacca!

malacca eye on malaysia

It was my first time laying my eyes on this magnificent structure - never been to the one previously in Titiwangsa.

For supper, Satay Celup!

malacca satay celup

Heard of it? It's like satay but the stick is dipped (translation of "Celup") into the gravy and wait for it to cook. It's like satay-cum-steamboat.

Totally delicious - I ate until my 6packs-in-1 abs grew larger!

The next day, we had Nyonya Food for lunch.

malacca nyonya food

It was kinda spicy but I can totally withstand it. I normally don't take spicy food for your information. Compliment me please?

Anyway, the 2 days trip was certainly fun. Eat so much until I have more obvious 6packs-in-1 abs. Wanna see?

Don't want lah. Later you jealous! =P

More details of the trip will be published soon. Stay tuned! =)


  1. cendol!!! Jonker street cendol rawks cause they use real gula melaka! i'll never forget the taste. awesomeness!

  2. The last time i went to malacca was when i was 12.. after UPSR with friends. LOL

  3. the Eye on Malaysia in Malacca! -> i didnt know abt that. i should have tried it. i had no idea when i was in Melaka last yr in December

  4. Malacca!!! I'm heading to there this coming August, but only for 2D1N. Any sense that I could visit most of the tourist spots in such a short time?

  5. Hi, I'm from Malacca... But, now working and stay a KL. I miss Malacca "Lut Lut" so much~~~~

  6. HAHAHAHA~~~ i ate almost the same thing u just had everytime i go Melaka!

    I love durian cendol too.. OMG~~~

  7. Hi there, great post on Malacca. My last trip there was in Jan 2009. Maybe I should make a trip there again after seeing the food :)


  8. For some reason, I dont know why nobody goes to Malacca for the pork satay.

    I dont really like the satay celup, but pork satay? OMGWTFBBQ. Ill go to Malacca just to get it.

    Comes with a special satay sauce which has a pineapple base. So the sauce is really good. And the pork satay? So goooooooooooooooood! with 14 o's

    If you like pork intestines like I do, its fucking delicious.

    Used to be at jonkers street, then moved to somwhere near a "rangers college" not really sure bout the name, but i think i got the rangers part right.

  9. melaka...
    long time never been there already... XD

  10. wow~
    great trip with ur college frens wor!!
    yi...i saw "perver pig's hand"/ ham ju sao there!!
    who's that guy?? :P

  11. ham sap lou ken!!! reminds me of somebody =(

  12. ooohhh... all the nice pics!! Long time no been to Malacca already... which sate celop you went to?

  13. I think the chicken ball rice is over rated. I like satay celup and the durian cendol. Yum! Yum!

    I love going to Jonker Street! Wow! You can really eat spicy food! Now, is that good enough? : )

  14. Arr...i miss those Gula Melaka cendols. Is it inside a pondok near chicken ball rice there?

    & one more thing...why u so ham sap geh...

  15. mmm... malacca quite a fun place to travel...

  16. so poor thing ar eat 2 fish ball n wings haha

  17. i miss malacca!!!

  18. rate the spiciness from ranking of 1-5? =)

    the rolled-rice really looks like fish many all together? the price?

    btw...did you ride on the eye on m'sia?

  19. Wolverine gonna poke someone's ass hole.

  20. Malacca is a nice place indeed to visit. Went there last year/last last year I think. Loads of awesome food to eat there too!

  21. Wah the orange guy seriously..damn teruk lar..if me i repot polis liao..

  22. Haha .... somebody sweet during the two days wo ... If the food delicious, how big the spare tyre i also wont say no .... Just eat la ..haha

  23. my hometown ler...

    i also cant take spicy food de... =p

  24. okokok. I compliment you for eating spicy food. LOL

  25. The rice ball was ok. I prefer the normal rice cos not so sticky XD

    Did you go to the Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall? OMG so big have to take 10 minutes just to walk from one end to the other @@

  26. Ken!
    You made me miss the food in Malacca even more!
    There are more food apart from those.
    Popiah, seafood at the alley (only open at night) and char-siew rice (open at late at night, around midnight).
    For Nyonya food, I miss pomteh the most T_T

  27. I live in Malacca...nothing really attracts me...But I really, really love Malacca a lot. Although it is not the most advanced but I still love it the way it is. :D

  28. I have eaten the stuff you showed...I have visited the places you posted...hahaha :D

    Perhaps I should write about Malacca too. ;p

  29. O.o the Eye on Malaysia ran to Malacca already? LOL paiseh I sampat, so I didn't know. :P

    Durian cendol? Must try it someday. Haha.

  30. wow... The food looks good...

    Didn't know Malacca got so much nice food...
    Hungry liao... lol...
    I always thought food was only Penang... =)

  31. Dude! This post make me want to go back to Malacca man!

    What I really miss is the Chicken Rice Ball and of course, Cendol Durian! Aiyo... now you make me hungry liao.. Hahaha..

    Anyway, Malacca is a good place to go jalan-jalan.

  32. nice place.
    the last time i've been there is last year i guess. with the eyes of malaysia

  33. MALACCA! me love malacca! Dx

  34. i spotted the otak-otak!!! haha..

  35. hmm.. time for me to head to melaka!

  36. i miss malacca! been there twice already and still looking forward for more visits.btw thanks for stopping by my page.


  37. Very interesting, Kenwooi. Thank you.. I am planning a Malacca trip to in about next year or so... This is definitely a good guide for me to seek the chicken rice ball and durian cendol. Kudos! Arigato for this!

  38. Yummy and lovely. You guys sure look like you had lots of fun.

    And becareful with the hand will ya? orange boy.

  39. Um, interesting arrangement of the balls and chicken wing...

  40. the cendol is the bomb man! luckily u went to the correct stall

  41. Hi there, can i get your email?

    send me at

    I would like to ask you smethings. Hope you can help me out.


  42. it's been a while since i visit melaka. haha

    sad to say that although i ve been studying in melaka for 5 years, i only been the fort for 1 time only XD

  43. Was told that chicken rice balls originated from Muar. The shop still stands today and the rice balls taste better. Tasted both.

  44. On behave of the Malaccans, I would like to say thank you for visting Malacca :)

  45. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  46. Dudeeee. Satay celup rocks! But if uncontrolled, can cause a big hole in your wallet xD

    You perv. I'm not surprised xD

  47. wah..sound interesting..rice with ball..

  48. I miss Mlk's Cha Siew Rice :(.

  49. ehh, i dream that i go to Malacca x=

  50. That first picture is forming a very strange image in my mind...

  51. @DC, Now that you mentioned starts to slow distort into something...

  52.'s been long time din visit Melaka already...Missing there............:)

  53. lol, so many parking coupon. hahaha.....

  54. nice entry on malacca! i was thr twice within 1 yr..tried almost everything u did, except the eye & satay celup *too long queue!

  55. OMG!! Ur melacca trip and the picture is making me hungry and missing malaysia's food.. ^.^

  56. ahhh i love the satay celup :)

  57. HAhaha nice piccies =FAIL= jump shot!

  58. wa failed jump lo

  59. uwaahhh..!! i hate reading dis one.. all i can see is FOOD!.. nyummy nyummy!! soo hungryy!

  60. i hate the arrangement of the rice ball and the chicken wing tip!! don't do that again, piak piak!!

  61. what a fun day! it wouldn't be complete without the foods =)

    ooops, was that wolverine you said?


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