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23 July 2009

Malacca Jonker Street Food

Malacca's famous Jonker Street, or also known as Jonker Walk, is one of the main attractions here in the historical state of Malaysia.

malacca jonker street

When I was there at Malacca recently, Jonker Street was one of the places we visited. We basically fed ourselves with their local delicacies and just walked around.

malacca jonker street

In this entry, I'll be featuring some of the food I ate there.

Food number 1 - Popiah, pronounced as poh-peeahh.

malacca jonker street popiah

The content is some vegetable, meat and some other stuffs mixed together - wrapped with a thin layer of something. Argh, I don't know what's it called. Anyone knows?

Food number 2 - Mua Chi, pronounced as muah-chee.

malacca jonker street mua chi

It's some gummy paste stirred together with sesame peanut mixture. Then it'll be cut into small pieces, like this...

malacca jonker street mua chi

Someone described it as "nose shit" when I wasn't sure what Mua Chi is. Great, nose shit covered with peanut. Nice...

Food number 3 - Durian Cendol, pronounced as durian cendol.

Here's the cendol store that serves Durian Cendol, probabaly the best along the street.

malacca jonker street cendol

And we actually ordered one blow for ourselves. Some even ate 2 bowls!

malacca durian cendol

It's mainly made of ice, durian flavour syrup and mixed with assortments of... I don't know what are they called. I'm bad at describing food in detailed, for your information. Just take a look at the next picture and you'll know what I'm trying to say...

malacca jonker street durian cendol

Looking delicious huh? Get yourself some cendol when the weather is warm.

Food number 4 - Nyonya Assam Laksa, pronounced as nio-nia ah-sham lak-sah.

malacca jonker street nyonya assam laksa

Just a little spicy. I don't really fancy spicy food but this is definitely not to be missed!

And finally, food number 5 - some fried "LIU"s.

malacca jonker street fried food

I don't know what they are called in English. Usually I call it "LIU". Yeah, "CHAO LIU" - means FRIED "LIU". There is a variety of "LIU"s you can choose from, fish cake, fish ball, wan ton, meat ball and so on. Oily and crunchy - me likey!

The durian cendol, nyonya assam laksa and fried "liu"s are from the same shop called Jonker Dessert 88.

malacca jonker street dessert 88

When you're there at Jonker Street, remember to look out for this shop! There are antiques displayed in it too.

So that's all. And the outcome - better looking tummy!

By the way, here's the night view of the Malacca River when we're crossing the bridge on our way back.

malacca jonker street malacca river

Nice huh?


  1. you din eat chicken rice ball?? wasted

  2. Nice...Its been a while since I went down to Jonker Walk. I remember being fascinated by their homemade popsicles...

  3. Interesting food.
    Someday I may try to eat...when I have time and money to visit there...I guess it'll take quite a while but who knows right?
    At least I already know what to expect. :)

  4. Jonker Street?

    I do not know about this street. =.=

    I shall visit that next time.

  5. 1 - it's wrapped likely with a flour wrapper or egg wrapper (looking at it makes me judge more it's flour)

    the cendol has some beans and pandan coconut shreds?

    the laksa and fried stuffs i think i'll like too

  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! My friends and I were supposed to go Malacca for road trip but keep canceling and changing schedules~~ I really want to go now!! T__T

  7. =__="

    It's 8am now...and I'm hungry*you!!* *speechless*

  8. Durian Chendol..... Now, that is something new

  9. i'm drooling at the assam laksa and the liu.. yet another 1.5 hours to lunch time.. :p

  10. yeee no chicken rice ball geh?quite famous wor..and the lok lok XD~*

  11. Jonker Dessert 88 is really nice, especially the durian cendol and the Assam Laksa!!!
    haha, this is a not-to-be-missed shop after my 1st try there......haha...

  12. wrapped with a thin layer

    i know!!
    it's called "SA KOT" in cantonese..

  13. oh.. no.. the whole thing is called "pok beng"/popiah.. vegetable inside is "sa kot"

  14. ARGH I want laksa. You made me hungry again. Ish.

  15. Very yummy post. I almost lost the will to discipline my food intake. Those pics should have garnered 20 laps round the tracks to cut the calories. But very, very yummy.... I am yearning for laksa now!!

  16. You ate so many food. Must be very full huh! I have been to Jonker Dessert 88. Nothing special. But it makes me wonder why so many people are flocking into it every single day.

  17. Waaa the yummy yummy food! I love muah chee... I haven't have that for ages... Durian Cendol.. Jonker Street huh? Guess I need to make a trip to Malacca soon :P. I am craving for all this food you just post.. *slurps*

  18. feel like going to there~~~
    i want food so bad!!! ><

  19. Bugger I went to that shop at night then no more cendol =.=" owned.

  20. looks like Malaysia has a lot of good food=)

  21. I love Jonker Street. I visited Malacca last Dec and enjoyed the cendol at Jonker Desserts.

  22. The only thing i remember of that street is

    1) a stall selling cool swords in front of the a temple
    2) chicken rice ball (duh!)

  23. i was at malacca too~ i went there with my friends last month for a post-exam trip.

    i also went to Jonker Dessert 88. i like the cendol!

    argh. i should have written a post about my malacca trip.

  24. ugh, i hate that cendol shop. so de cocky!!!!

  25. yes the muarchi !!
    & referring to the 2nd comment in this post, i think those are my relatives.. xD

  26. there are even more food in malacca..and tat place..haha..i would say tourist spot..easy to find and it's food is not bad..however, there are lot better ones to be explored outside of the jonker street itself

  27. tak ting... kenwooi.. last time i went to jonkers street also cannot find so much of the food u mentioned above..

    actually i wanted to have my own domain too, kenwooi so i was hoping to catch u online in msn to ask u for more details.. hope u can help..thanks a lot..

  28. Wow, the ais kacang and laksa really seems so appetising. I love ais kacang and laksa. Jonker Street really sounds familiar although I can't remember anything about it. After all it's been a long time since I ever been to Malacca.

  29. this post make me homesick :(
    all featured are my fav food!

  30. Nose shit? LOL! It's actually made of rice flour.

    Many people talk about the rice balls of Malacca little knowing that it originates from Muar. The ones at the original shop in Muar taste much better.

  31. Thanks for review on some good food. Going to hit Melaka soon! Melaka, here I come!!

  32. Gosh! I'm drooling now. Thanks for sharing....I loooooooove muah chee or nose shit and I have never tried durian cendol before. Must definitely check it out the next time I'm at Melaka. :)

  33. I miss the food in Malacca and Jonker Street! I hope to visit it again soon. :)

  34. omg melacca.. sounds so nice

  35. MELAKA!!!!~ ;______; SOBZ I miss melaka!


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